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Art Direction: UFC 234


Anderson Silva is a legend in the MMA world, and is a big fan of comics and anime, most notably Gundam, an anime featuring epic space battles and giant robots.  Israel Adesanya, makes it known he loves anime like Naruto and Avatar and is a big fan of comics as well.  I haven't gotten to do a personal project like this, and I felt compelled to do a fan piece of various shows and use my MMA (Mixed Media Art) to celebrate these two athletes.

2d animation was done in Toon Boom Harmony.  The Banshee Gundam was modeled, shaded, and animated in Maya, and rendered using Arnold.  All elements were composited in After Effects, as well as the motion graphics and visual effects.  All art assets were created by me, with exception to the ground texture, and the starry sky, which were royalty free images. 

Music is "Woken Furies" by Gunship, and the piece was edited by Jesse Cowell.

Color and composition stills

3d Model and Build-ups

Finished Piece

UFC 234 Promo

Animated by Erica Langworthy

Edited by Jesse Cowell

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