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Art direction: 3dprintclean

3DPrintClean manufactured a "safety enclosure" that would allow users to print in areas with little to no ventilation, without having to worry about inhaling hazardous fumes and particles.

Most 3d printing companies use oppressive colors, stark layouts, avante garde fonts, and low camera angles to show "dominance".

While the product did occupy the same space as the 3d printers, it is a product that protects and "cleans" the area the user occupies.  I chose lighter blues and grays to convey a sense of clean and comfort, coupled with a simple and techy font.  I carried these themes throughout the website, manuals, product UI touchscreen, 3d product renders, product photos, and marketing materials.

I served as Art Director from February 2017 - May 2018.


Branding & Graphic design

Product Photos

Promotional videos

While I am confident on my ability to guide the overall look and tone of a brand, I also acknowledge that I can't do everything.  This is why I believe in hiring competent and amicable people, who are the most qualified for the job, and can come in at a fair rate.  It frees me up so I am able to focus on assisting or producing with the director so they can work efficiently.

We chose to shoot in the factory on a "messy" day to show the human element to the company since it's about protecting customers and their 3d printers.  The enclosure also "separates"the printer in the "hype" video. There is chaos outside the enclosure, while the 3d printer is safe from cats, books, and theft.

All Videos

All Videos

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3DPrintClean Promotional Videos - 2018

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Jesse Cowell

Produced by Erica Langworthy

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